Imagine you have a built in set of tools, so that when challenges come up you can face them with unshakable confidence. 

Imagine you feel completely whole in all areas of your life: career, health, relationships, spirituality and personal growth. 

Imagine you are living from a place of freedom – living a life where you make a positive impact and loving each aspect of your life.  

If you are ready to be the change you have been trying to manifest, believe me… You are in the right place, with the right coach, at the right time.

  • You’re struggling & feel pulled by others opinions and idea of who they want you to be. 
  • You can develop positive habits but return back to your old patterns after a month or so.
  • You get triggered and feel like you’re always going 1 step forward, three steps back.
  • You are seeking natural therapies and professional knowledge that comes from direct experience.

If this is resonating with you, taking this next step is a no brainer!

WARNING: Positive change, growth and elemental results may occur!

28-Day Reset

Text & Email Support
Personal Road Map
Impactful Coaching

3-Step Integration

Crystal Clear Direction
Unshakable Confidence
Personalized Protocol
Miraculous Results

By working with coach Ashley you will:

  • Have a solid foundation of self-reliance that you can always fall back on even when things are out of your control.
  • Show up as your authentic self and be crystal clear about how to care for yourself.
  • Have a personal blueprint to reach your unique health & lifestyle goals.
  • Learn my proven system for identifying addictive behavior & mental saboteurs, and how to transform them to serve your goals.
  • Have a step by step process for releasing suppressed thoughts, emotions and personal traumas in a healthy and natural way.
  • Have a road-map to ultimate abundance, freedom & fulfillment in each area of life.
  • Learn my proven methods to alchemize a healthier, happier lifestyle.
  • Have tangible steps to achieve your goals & the confidence to take action ASAP. 

Do you want all this & more?

My coaching is trusted, valuable and proves that your health and lifestyle goals are possible no matter how many times you have failed before… I hear from clients over and over that working with me is priceless… When decide that you are ready to change, ready to grow – click the button below and you will get your first clarity for FREE, no obligation required!!!

Master Coach Ashley, The Alchemist behind Elemental Growth

Ashley is the founder & CEO of Elemental Growth. She is a published Author, certified Master Coach, Reiki Teacher and advocate for entheogens. After her spiritual awakening in 2014, Ashley went back to the roots of her childhood trauma and taught herself how to re-pattern addictive behaviors naturally. She feels its her obligation to share her secrets so that others who struggle to get their s*** together can become the hero of their own story too. It has a ripple effect that we love to watch unfold. Ashley loves motherhood, hiking barefoot and working on projects with The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy.