Are you stuck in a pattern or habit that is holding you back?

Ashley Michaud, Certified Health Coach and Reiki Master guides you through a year of transformation using nature's natural cycles - by attuning yourself to the moon cycles, eating seasonal foods and aligning to your circadian rhythm you can create the sustainable health and lifestyle changes you desire

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Learn How To:

↠ Tap into your natural flow
↠ Embrace Positive Change
↠ Fuel Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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↠ Live With Purpose and Passion
↠ Goal-Setting & Accountability
↠ Create The Life You Want

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↠ Self-Guided Activities & More
↠ Access Seasonal Food Guides & Recipes
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Meet The Author
After transforming her own family karma, childhood traumas and addictions using plants, self-love and aligning to nature's secret messages Ashley went on to become an attuned Reiki Master, Holistic Practitioner, Health Coach, and Author. Ashley received advanced training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and works with those who are ready to embrace change through nature, love, food and movement. Clients describe her as “loving”, “wise” and “a natural inspiration.” For more information on Ashley visit or follow us on Instagram @IamElementalGrowth

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