My name is Ashley Michaud and welcome to Elemental Growth!

I help people transform their sh***y patterns into healthy and sustainable habits that make them and the people they love happier naturally. 

I started Elemental Growth in 2017 to share how I am getting happier and healthier every day, moon cycle, season, year… How my 4-year-old and I are creating recipes, having fun, learning, gardening, traveling and so much more. 

Though our following is now in the thousands and I have personally helped hundreds of people learn to get happier and healthier naturally, I am still the #Mompreneur, personal coach and nomadic spirit I have have always been.

I really want to help you move past the fear, reach some impossible goals and heal yourself naturally… whether you just want to find some clarity, pick up some new tools or dive deep into the rabbit hole, I am your girl.

You can see a difference right away, you can access support and resources from anywhere, and you can even begin healing yourself, your life, your body in as little as 28-days.

Elemental Growth is all about making the process enjoyable and life simple.

  • This is not about buying supplements or some miracle product.
  • This is not about the latest health fad or “one size fits all” solution. 
  • This IS about you helping yourself, so that YOU can live better, naturally.

At Elemental Growth, we believe everyone should have access to natural tools, food, medicine and know how to tap into their natural healing abilities. You have the right to use your native powers for physical and spiritual healing.

This is not some sales tactic and nobody here is going to overwhelm you with information you’ll never use or marketing materials that are sooo annoying and wasteful.

I have been creating free, high quality content, videos, articles and recipes for over 5 years. If you are unfamiliar with what Elemental Growth has to offer, you can sign up for my New & Full Moon Newsletter right here.

For now, I just want to welcome you to our critically acclaimed, world renown, award winning, Good Vibe Tribe. (ok, I exaggerated there, but I swear this is the place to be for connection, accountability and transformation)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for showing up!

Sending you much love & positivity on your Elemental Growth journey,


Certified Reiki Master / Teacher

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Certified Hormone Health Coach

Certified Coaching Master  


Training and Education

Hospitality & Tourism, Georgian College

Reiki From Love, Tiny Township, Ontario

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City

High Impact Coaching, Encinitas, CA


Other Experience

Reiki Infused Herbal & Personal Care Products

Nature Yoga in The Park, Oshawa

Cannabis Conversations, Rogers TV

Holistic Warrior Life, Podcast

Be The Change Summit, Toronto

Innovation Lab, Refinery Boot Camp



Be The Change: Your Guide to Elemental Growth 

Sociedelic, Psychedelics Society

A Plant-Powered Menu For Elemental Growth