Is this you?

You’re struggling & feel pulled by others opinions and idea of who they want you to be. You can develop positive habits but return back to your old patterns after a month or so. You get triggered and feel like you’re always going 1 step forward, three steps back. You are seeking natural therapies and professional knowledge that comes from direct experience. You can sense positive change is coming but not sure what you have to do to get there. You are seeking clarity & direction. 

If you are ready to be the change you have been trying to manifest, believe me… You are in the right place, with the right coaches, at the right time. We will draw out your personal roadmap and explore the options that are right for you based on your past experiences, current life situations and future desired outcomes. We will take into account all of your health and happiness goals. Throughout your our time together you will:

1. Clarify intentions, short and long term goals
2. Learn life skills to serve you through integrative practices
3. Process insights and lessons in a save place
4. Find meaning and words for inexplicable visions
5. Accept difficult trips and receive their hidden blessings
6. Master the art of letting go of what doesn’t serve you
7. Obtain a customized daily integration practice
8. Improve emotional intelligence, communication & creativity
9. Align with your authentic self & express yourself healthfully
10. Nurture your inner child – play, be curious, heal, grow…
11. Stay accountable to living your best most purposeful life

Are you ready to attain robust mental and physical health? To be free of stress, find a healthy balance to fully live your life; to release anger, resentment, sadness, grief and shame and make room for joy, love and faith? To sift through and release the baggage for good and find forgiveness and peace? To stop being confused about your unhappiness and why life is not working out (even though everyone thinks it is!) and gain clarity to take charge of your destiny? To change sabotaging thoughts that impair your life? Have the courage to leave behind anything that doesn’t serve who you are NOW, claim your truth and find life purpose? To stop pleasing others and be authentic and true to YOU. TO BE FREE? 

If this is resonating with you, taking this next step is a no brainer! 

WARNING: Positive change, growth and elemental results may occur!

Ashley Michaud

The #1 Integration Coach across nations, founder of Elemental Growth and advocate for integration of indigenous psychedelic medicines such as Psilocybin Mushrooms.

Coach Tristan

Once a client, now a Reiki Master and Elemental Growth Coach. Tristan utilizes both spirituality and life expierence to bring about positive change in the lives of each person he connects with.