What makes Elemental Growth unique is how it’s an integration process that uses nature to nurture the process of change in all areas of your life. It has a ripple effect I love to watch unfold. 

I launched Elemental Growth in 2017 for people ready to invest in transformational coaching, and in 2019 I published the self-help book Be The Change for everyone else. I continue to create and share, and I will continue until all of you are living happier & healthier lives, because you have a gift that this world needs!!!

The truth is, this is not enough. There are millions of people out there just like me and you that have potential to transform this world for the better, but are struggling. And it’s going to take every single one of us to change the way things are right now.

So if you’re ready to be the change, book your intake now!!! These sessions aren’t for everyone, and I book out fast, so if there is a spot available grab it.

The Book That Uses Nature to Nurture!  

In this book, Ashley guides you through a year of transformation.  Like a Farmers Almanac for the human being, this is a self-guided approach to living a healthier & wealthier life using natures cycles to nurture the process of change. This guidebook enables you to implement the sustainable health and lifestyle changes you wish to manifest. 

You Will Learn How to:   

  • Allow new opportunity & wisdom by aligning to nature
  • Embrace positive change, even if you have failed before
  • Nourish your mind, body & soul in the way you truly need
  • Live fully, purposefully and with great passion for life
  • Set actionable goals that you can stay accountable to
  • Manifest the healthy & wealthy lifestyle you are seeking
  • Connect to source energy to maximize synchronicity naturally

‘Be The Change’ is an exceptionally raw and relatable book, I was eager to read on and see how the authors story and knowledge can help me and many others. The author clearly has a talent and desire to help people find a path to better themselves and the world around them. 

                                                      – Jessica Bolinger, Mom, RDH