Our Story

We have made health and happiness our habits. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by these principles every day.

Ashley Michaud, INHC, HHC, RM, CM

Ashley Michaud coaches globally and is the founder of Elemental Growth. She places a strong focus on integration of indigenous plant medicines for healing and recovery, encouraging clients to explore the tools and modalities that can help them carry out their purpose on earth. Elemental Growth is an integration program at the forefront of the field, designed by nature with experience and expertise in nutrition, coaching, hormone health, and energy work. Ashley published her first book, Be The Change, in October 2019, which has received praise from holistic health professionals around the world.

Qualifications: Certified Reiki Master / Teacher Certified, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Hormone Health Coach, and Certified Coaching Master.

Training and Education: Hospitality & Tourism at Georgian College, Reiki From Love in Tiny Township Ontario, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, High Impact Coaching in Encinitas California. 

Other Experience: Cannabis Conversations on Rogers TV, Be The Change Summit in Toronto, Innovation Lab Refinery Boot Camp in Oshawa Ontario, also several podcasts which are available by request. 

Publications: Be The Change: Your Guide to Elemental Growth, Sociedelic: Psychedelics Society, A Plant-Powered Menu for Elemental Growth, and additional collaborations which are available upon request. 

Contact Information: Phone: (705) 956-0647 | Email: ashley@elementalgrowth.org | Instagram: @ElementalGrowth

Coach Tristan

Tristan has trained in mindset and Energy work for over 15 years now. As a Master Reiki practitioner he specializes in chakra analysis and the spiritual sciences around Energy Health.    Serving as a living testament of the success that is achieved through Elemental Growth. He is now proudly walking clients through their own journeys.