When I was 14 years old  I moved out on my own, I had no purpose, was living in fear and was riddled with unhealthy habits that kept me living a low quality life. By my 20’s I had some college education, freedom from structure, nothing to lose, friends, travel, and jobs when ever I needed them but I felt angry, sad and like something was eating me from the inside out. 

I was the outcast of my family, a nomad and rebel like my grandfather. I lost my dad when I was 17 to an Opioid overdose and watched my moms health decline as well until she overdosed herself when I was 21 – While she is free from Opioids now, I was severely traumatized from being the one to find her on the floor, I was the one to help her breathe when she was turning blue and called the medics to come help her to the hospital. After this experience I traveled Canada for four years barely talking with my family.

On my 25th birthday I remember crying in the basement of my house to a friend because I dident know how to celebrate myself or how far I had come over the years because I still had that  demonic feeling inside of me. That same year I remember looking out to the ocean hearing a voice say to me “Ashley, its time to go back to the roots of where this started”. 

I listened, I sold everything I had and hopped on a plane that week. I took a year away from the hospitality and tourism industry to get sober. In this time I whole-heartedly emerged myself into Kundalini yoga, Herbology and psychedelic research. This was what I was seeking all this time, this is how I started to release what was not serving me and take my power back. 

Inspired by the McKenna brothers I made the decision to fly into Columbia, however being the nomadic minimalist I am, this ended up being a backpacking trip through Columbia, Ecuador and Peru with no map, cell phone or clue what I was doing. In this time I hiked down the side of a mountain where there was no path, jumped in the Montanita waves, swung from Jungle vines and walked barefoot along the Inca trail.  

These experiences and more allowed me to open up my heart and inspired me to Be The Change I wished to manifest in the world. When I returned back to Canada I became pregnant with my son Fynn. While he is a wonderful wish come true, I did not have a partner to help parent him, nor did I have the finances to do this on my own – but I kept walking my path. 

Today, I am a published author and founder of a heart-centered business – Elemental Growth. I hold many certifications including Hormone Health, Integrative Nutrition and a Masters in both Health Coaching & Reiki. Today, I am blessed to be a single mother, to help my tribe turn their addictive behaviors into healthy flow states naturally.  The best part is that my life is just starting and the people who work with me get to experience a fresh start too. 

Biohacking by definition is a process using science and technology to make the body function better and more efficiently. What makes Elemental Growth unique is how we use nature to nurture the process of change in all areas of your life – And I wont stop until all of you are living happier, healthier and wealthier lives, because I believe you have a unique gift inside you that this world needs!!!

The truth is, this is not enough.  There are millions of people out there just like me and you that have potential to transform this world for the better, but are struggling to get happier and healthier naturally.  And it’s going to take every single one of us to change the way things are right now.

So if you’re ready to be the change, book your intake now!!! These sessions aren’t for everyone, and I book out fast, so if there is a spot available grab it.

↠ Ashley is a single mother to a very happy and healthy 4-year old named Fynn, they enjoy travel and embrace Native American traditions like walking barefoot, nomadic travel, forest bathing, foraging and collaboration. 

Ashley is most passionate about creating, permaculture, psychedelics and unschooling with her son. Ashley, believes that the more aligned you are to nature, the better chance you will be in the right place, at the right time, all the time. 

Ashley is an advocate for conscious expanding fungi and other entheogens which unlock our potential as humans. These enhance every area of our being including energy (chakra) alignment, meditation, kundalini yoga, and many other modalities which she practices daily.

Ashley’s diet is primarily a plant-based diet which includes a rainbow of colors and excludes many toxins found in the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) today.

Ashley went to college in her early 20’s. While there, she studied Hospitality and Tourism, then spent over a decade working in the industry – from top golf courses to dive bars, healthy to convenience she did it! 

Ashley is a certified Reiki Master, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Hormone Health Coach, and Coaching Master. Ashley also received additional training from Zander Fryer and Dr. Dan Engle, among others. 

Ashley lived in one new place each year of her teens and 20’s – including four Canadian provinces and New York state.

Ashley backpacked through Bogota Columbia, climbed a mountain in Sopó, partied in Montanita, road a bus along the coast of Ecuador and into the Sacred Peruvian Rainforest with no phone, map or clue of what she was in for.

Ashley’s personal dream is to own a homestead that seconds as an Airbnb where she can model permaculture. She has a vision of teaching a food forest school and partnering with WWOOF (Intended date to open 2025).

↠ This Spring, Ashley worked on her largest permaculture garden yet. She and her son Fynn, spend the covid-19 lock down exploring 300 acres of native land along the Canadian Shield.


Certified Reiki Master / Teacher

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Certified Hormone Health Coach

Certified Coaching Master  



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Hospitality & Tourism, Georgian College

Reiki From Love, Tiny Township, Ontario

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City

High Impact Coaching, Encinitas, CA


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Amazon Rainforest Conservancy, Board of Directors

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

Board Certified and Accredited Member



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Nature Yoga in The Park, Oshawa

New Moon Meditations, Global Meditation

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